Welcome to paradise!

"A 10 day international Fire Arts & Spirituality festival on a tropical island paradise."

What is Freeflow about?

Picture living on a tropical paradise: learning how to play with fire; how to perform; making and playing with interactive art; beach parties; snorkeling; boat trips; sunset bonfires - for 10 days with meals and accommodation included! 

This is a paradise island we’re on, so if you manage to find time you can swim in the moonlight with bio-luminescent plankton, explore the islands jungle trails like Indiana Jones, snorkel with Nemo, party in the full moon, sip the cheapest cocktails on the planet, take a boat and go island hopping or just laze on a perfect beach...

FreeFlow is all about participation. Our interactive programme allows participants to learn, perform, create and share. We ask that everyone who joins the gathering find at least one slot of volunteer activity you feel you can contribute to the event over the course of your stay. It is all of us working together that makes this event happen and keeps the price low.

Places are limited so book today to secure your place and participate in Freeflow Fire & Arts 2017

Schedule and Teachers


An average day will look a bit like this.

10 day schedule



Teachers and performers are flying in to freeflow from all over the world.

KOH RONG - Paradise on Earth!

Koh Rong is that island that every traveller is searching for. It has everything that you could possibly want; untouched beaches, scuba diving, trekking and so much more! Located just off the south coast of Cambodia, development is only just beginning so the time to visit is now!

25 years ago there were no settlers on Koh Tui beach, only fishermen catching their livelihood, and using the beaches for temporary shelter if they were unable to make it back to their homes on the mainland. Seeing the island’s potential some of the local fishermen decided to move their families to this beautiful beach, which is sheltered in a large bay. Over 20 years later and what was once a village of 5 families has grown to over 100 families, working alongside western business owners to cater for the island’s growing tourist community.


In 2013 Koh Rong was the number one off the beaten track place to go in backpacker magazine … now it’s firmly on the beaten track, and the economy is booming! This is a magical island full of new adventures and untouched beaches. Daily boat trips will take you around to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with mangroves running behind the beaches, and small ponds and lakes hiding just behind the front line of trees and brush.

Take a walk even further back from the water and find a temple tucked away for only some to find. One of the best adventures is only accessible during certain times of the year. Take a short walk on a well-worn path and you will find the sand washed away from the beach and a few flashes of mineral rich clay. If you have the finger strength (and a few digging tools) take the time to pull a few pieces of clay out of the earth and mash it up with some fresh sea water to make a clay rub!

Once you have the clay mixture spread over every inch of your body it will pull the toxins out of your skin as it dries. Next step? Get wet! This is one of the most amazing clay baths you will find in your travels and the best part? It’s just waiting for you to get into nature and discover it! Your skin will never feel as soft and hydrated. Find yourself more drawn to the jungle? The options for trekking are endless! Some beaches have trails already marked, thanks to the French Survivor show, which was filmed on Koh Rong and the volunteers who have been working on making/marking for several years.

The island also has much to offer under the water! For the beginner to the professional there is so much to see below the surface. Coral jungles compete to catch your eye as you cruise through the 30-degree water and catch sights for the first time. All of these options are yours to enjoy in addition to the fabulous island life that exists every day of the year.

String up your hammock and sleep in nature, just you and the stars. Go for a night swim and check out the glowing plankton, which is visible all year round. Sit on the beach and enjoy world-class fire shows on a nightly basis. Swim in waterfalls without anyone else around. All within walking distance. Sound like paradise? Book your ticket for freeflow now and have all this, freeflow, fire, arts and spirituality!

Free.. flow.. breathe.. learn.. share.. let go.. Koh Rong is so right!


Get your FreeFlow ticket for as little as US $140 for 5 days!

10 Day Festival
Feb 21st ~ March 2nd, 2017
Police Beach, Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

General Admission: (Prepurchase or buy on the island)
Day Passes: US $30 per day
5 Day Ticket:
3rd Round Ticket: US $140
10 Day Ticket: 3rd Round Ticket: US $200

Return FreeFlowers:
5 Day Ticket: US $70
10 Day Ticket: US $120

All tickets include:

  • *Workshops, Workshops, Workshops
  • *Daily flow school with tutorials in all fire toys – for all levels
  • *Healing space with yoga, massge, talks and guided meditations
  • *Lessons in how to choreograph a fire show
  • *Flow toy-making classes
  • *Chi Gong, Reiki
  • *Art workshops
  • *Laughter and hugging workshops
  • *Daily flow jam sessions
  • *Nightly beach cinemas and bonfire parties
  • *Participate in sunset fire shows and performances at full & black moon parties
  • *Nightly artist “family dinner” together to form lifetime friendships


If you are choosing DIY food and accommodation packages, please be aware that as this is peak high season, booking may be difficult. Please speak to one of our partners in advance to secure your room.
*Note on the accommodation – this island is still in development so please be aware that almost all accommodation is wooden bungallows or Guesthouses and there is 24 hour electricity, so fans are available, but no aircon & no hot water…

Getting there

" Only a plane, bus and boat away … "

FreeFlow is on Koh Rong, an island just off the south coast of Cambodia. Boats run by Koh Rong Dive Centre leave three times a day from Sihanoukville and tickets can be purchased from http://speedferrycambodia.com/ or vendors in Sihanoukville. At the time of writing fast boats leave at 9am, 11am and 3pm and cost $20 return. Times may change for high season, and a slower, cheaper boat is available and also the best way to take it all in, so check their website for updates as the festival approaches!

If your coming from further a field, the two main options would be to fly into Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and get a bus to Sihanoukville from there (recommended) or fly into Bangkok (often cheaper to get flights) and travel by bus too the Koh Kong border (10 - 16 hrs. including the border crossing).

Busses in Cambodia can be an interesting/frustrating experience. Depending on the route and provider you could be squeezed into a 14-seater minivan or in air-conditioned comfort for the entire journey. For the latter, we’d recommend Giant Ibis though this is only an option if you’re coming from Phnom Penh.


Giant Ibis also don’t run night busses, but if your on a budget, or a tight schedule, a night bus could save you a night’s accommodation and get you to Sihanoukville in time for the morning ferry, another option would be to get a private taxi from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. It’ll cost around $50 and take about 4.5hrs. If you do decide to come from Bangkok, beware the visa scams at the border.


Once at the Cambodian border (whether arriving by land or air), a month long tourist visa can be purchased for US $30 and a business (or regular) visa for US $40 - $45. The tourist visa can be extended for one month while in Cambodia, whereas the business visa can be extended for 6 months, a year, however long you want to stay. If you’re unsure, this is the best option! This may seem like a lot of hassle with plane, bus, and boat, but once you’re on the island, you’ll understand, it’s all worth it!


Freeflow Fire & Arts is all about participation and collaboration. We share our gifts and our skills and together we create the amazingness we seek. We are creating an amazing experience for us all, as well as building a future for the local community. As such, we ask that everyone who joins the gathering find at least one slot of volunteer activity you feel you can contribute to the event over the course of your stay. It is all of us working together that makes this event happen and keeps the price low. When you book, let us know your skills and passions and how you would like to contribute. We are particularly interested in hearing from performers, musicians of all kinds, body artists, art piece engineers, film specialists, acro jugglers, yoga teachers, helpers, coordinators and artists of all kinds.

Let us know if you have fire or LED toys, if your confident performing solo, have and can play a musical instrument (particularly acoustic guitar, bongos, or didgeridoo) , can paint, photograph or teach; or would like to be involved in the daily running. If you wish to volunteer a specific position, please CLICK HERE. Include your full name, position applied for, relevant skills, links to any work, and available dates. If you would like to take responsibility for an aspect of this gathering, or feel you can offer a contribution of skill or assistance above and beyond; let us know as we have a few positions left where we can offer a free ticket, all you would need to pay for is food and accommodation! All volunteers will be showered with love, appreciation, and memories for lifetimes to come!

Events before and after

If you’d like to extend your trip, come to Cambodia before or after FreeFlow and there will be plenty of fun to be had. We have artists & teachers living in Cambodia all year round, doing shows, teaching workshops and playing!

On Koh Rong you’ll find FreeFlowers congregating at Police Beach (the home of freeflow), Dreamcatch Inn, Vagabonds, Bongs and Akouna Matata.
On the mainland, Otres Village, near Sihanoukville, is a hub for artists and musicians. Find freeflowers at Straycats Guesthouse, Studio Lobo, Otres Market

The season in Cambodia kicks off with Kampot Readers and writers festival 3 – 7 of November.
Pai Circus school in Thailand is then having the Thai juggling convention on the 19th-20th November AND in February, it’s FreeFlow!!!!

After FreeFlow we’ll bring the party back to Otres village, where they’ll be ongoing, live music, fire shows and workshops, building on the long term community of artists and free flowers.

"Free.. flow.. breathe.. learn.. share.. let go.. Koh Rong is so right!"


Win free tickets!

Like our page , share it on your wall to go in the draw to win a 5 day or 10 day festival ticket.Click here to share now! Our last Free Flow event was a huge success for all involved so this year we are pushing bigger & better.  Like Freeflow Fire & Arts Facebook page and share our event page on your wall and be part of creating this wonderful experience. Much love!


As we love the island and its people as much as we hope you will, we are working to benefit the local Cambodian Khmer people on the island into the future. Teaching the community skills that will enrich the island for the future is important to our concept, and we are happy to have you as a part of this. As such, we are working closley with the local charity FoKR (friends of Koh Rong) who have been opperating for 5 years helping the local community grow with the growing tourist industry as well as building a school and educating everyone from the kids to the tourists that arrive.
Through the locally owned and operated Freeflow Fire Arts community and ongoing gatherings, will provide a place people can come to learn fire, practice art, and experience connection. This festival, and it’s legacy, hopes to make Koh Rong & Otres Village a mecca for art and flow enthusiasts, as Koh Tao is for scuba diving, and Koh Phangan is for full moon parties.